An OpenOCD compatible USB JTAG debugger tool

Updated: August 9th, 2022

* CH32V103C RISC-V MCU @ 80MHz
* USB Mini-B - Universal Serial Bus Interface
* JTAG - Independent Joint Test Action Group Interface
* SWD - Independent Serial Wire Debug Interface
* I2C - Independent Inter-Integrated Circuit Interface
* GPIO - General Purpose Input/Output Interface
* TTL Serial - TTL Transmit / Receive Interface
* RS232 (DB9) Serial - RS232 TX/RX and H/W Flow Control Interface
* Can operates on target supply voltage
* Can supply target voltage, either +5V or +3V3.
* Fits PACTEC-CNL-0004 ABS (Plastic) Enclosure

Bug-O-Matic Git Repository

Bug-O-Matic JTAG Debugger

Schematic PDF July 28th, 2022

Bug-O-Matic JTAG Debugger

Enclosure: PACTEC-CNL-0004 (Image shown with GEEKTAG PCB, Not Bug-O-Matic PCB)
Bug-O-Matic JTAG Debugger Enclosure PACTEC-CNL-0004
Enclosure: PACTEC-CNL-0004 (Showing USB Mini)
Bug-O-Matic JTAG Debugger Enclosure PACTEC-CNL-0004

First batch of PCB have arrived August 9th, 2022
Bug-O-Matic JTAG Debugger Enclosure PACTEC-CNL-0004

I've started working ont the firmware using the CH32V103C8T6-EVT-R1 board while we wait on getting some PCB assembled so we have a little bit of a head start on the code work.
CH32V103C8T6-EVT-R1 Board